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TV tech in 2012: voice control, OLED and 4K
Feb 15,2012

This year, 3D is taking a backseat. Upcoming developments in television are more varied, and offer a lot more mainstream appeal. In 2011, 3D technology sparked the most HDTV buzz at the International CES trade show. At this year's industry gather...

Energy Saving Light Jamming Cable TV?
Apr 14,2010

It is reported that ever since old style incandescent bulbs initiated to be phased out, some viewers having certain types of set top box have experienced strange incidents, with their televisions acting weird. Extending a confirmation, Philips Ele...

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New Greensburg City Hall sign Plan to Use Solar Lights
Feb 21,2010

It was reported that a new Greensburg City Hall sign has been under way for a couple of weeks, but a lot of the final pieces came together this week. First came the LED light bars, unwrapped by Curtis Shaddox, president of Kansas City-based Sunpow...

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Who Can Save the Incandescent Lightbulb?
Jun 04,2009

A new breakthrough may change the attitude that the incandescent lightbulb has had its day. As we are know that compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) have unquestionably gained popularity for their energy efficiency when compared to the traditiona...

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Let's Switch to LED Lighting
Jun 02,2009

Studies suggest that a complete conversion to the lights could decrease carbon dioxide emissions from electric power use for lighting by up to 50 percent in just over 20 years; in the United States, lighting accounts for about 6 percent of all energy...

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Hello world!
May 05,2009

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