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Marvell chip designed to improve LED light quality
May 30,2011

Semiconductor company Marvell today is set to introduce a chip geared at improving the light from LED bulbs and connecting them to a network. The 8801 chip is small--about the size of a penny--and will be about the same price as existing LED lightin...

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Cree LED takes aim at office fluorescent lights
Apr 28,2011

LED lighting company Cree is taking on the overhead fluorescent lights that are a fixture of office buildings with a light source it says will quickly recoup the investment. The company today announced a new line of "architectural troffers," o...

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Monitor LED backlight kit is easy on the eyes
Apr 28,2011

You know that end-of-the-day feeling when you've been staring at the computer for eight hours and your eyeballs feel like you've been face down in a dune in the Sahara desert? It's just the price you pay for having a desk job in the exciting era of m...

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GE Lighting launches new version of Infusion LED module
Mar 31,2011

The Infusion module is designed to be easy to replace, and offers a wide range of color temperatures and light outputs up to 3300 lm at 4000K.GE Lighting Europe has unveiled a new range of Infusion LED modules with a wide range of light-output and co...

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FZLED Unveils A New Line of T8 LED Tube Lights with Newly Innovated Dimming Functionality
Mar 31,2011

FZLED, maker of high-performance LED lighting products, today releases their new line of T8 LED Tube Lights. Available in two sizes, two feet (58cm and 60cm) and four feet (120cm), these high-performance LED tube lights are direct replacements for tr...

Pocket LED Penlight provides output of work light
Mar 31,2011

Delivering 120 lumens, Pocket Floodlight(TM) features wide-angle light beam for up close use. Design provides clear, uniform light pattern, without hot spots and dark spots that are common to most flashlights. Measuring 6 in. long with 9/16 in. head ...

Eco-friendly LED light bulbs contain hazardous substances, research shows
Feb 21,2011

Small LED bulbs that are promoted as eco-friendly alternatives to traditional light bulbs contain high levels of lead, arsenic and a dozen other potentially hazardous substances that have been linked to various cancers, a new American study shows. ...

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LED lighting market to double by 2014
Feb 21,2011

There is likely to be strong growth in LED lighting over the next three years, resulting in a doubling of the market by 2014, according to a new report. Strategies Unlimited predicted that the global market for LED light fixtures would grow to $8....

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Some LED lights spark concern over toxins
Feb 21,2011

Because it's energy-efficient, LED lighting is spreading into new areas, but an academic study cautions that some types of LED lights use hazardous metals. The University of California at Irvine last week published results of a study into the mate...

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Philips enters new decade of sustainably lighting Times Square Ball
Dec 31,2010

New York, USA - In 2010-2011, Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) enters a new decade of energy efficiency, celebrating its 11th anniversary as the official Lighting Partner to the world-famous Times Square Ball, a beacon of LED innovatio...

PC Memory Company Rambus Focus on LED Market
Jun 03,2010

Rambus is best known for its PC memory technology. Recently it has developed a process for making flat LED plates to replace overhead office lighting. The company on Wednesday at the Lightfair Intenrational conference will show off prototypes of a...

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LED for Backlighting LCDs in Shot Supply
Jun 03,2010

According to market researcher iSuppli Corp, the LEDs used for backlighting LCDs larger than 10 inches diagonally are in short supply at a time when shipments of LCD panels are to expected to soar. The shortage is likely to last until the end of t...

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LED Diogen Lighting to be the Next-generation Light Bulb
Mar 22,2010

Diogen makes the next generation of power-sipping light bulbs: LEDs, short for light-emitting diodes. The unique retrofit design of the Diogen Bulb universally replaces standard incandescent and compact fluorescent(CFL) bulbs and is both UL and CUL c...

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LED Flood Lights Help You to Light Up Your Closet
Mar 22,2010

Did you ever feel that your cabinet is lacking light? Are you thinking of installing lights in the cupboard, but worried about the tiring installation process? Then you have an easy solution in lighting up the cabinets, cupboards or even closets. ...

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Make Your Kitchen Glaring at You
Feb 21,2010

Light has been on my mind a lot lately. Probably, though, it's because whenever I'm in my kitchen, I am pinned beneath the clinical glare of a monstrous 45-by-16-inch fluorescent light fixture situated over my island. Just a few feet away, a secon...

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Revolutionary LED Showroom Opened in Texas
Feb 21,2010

It was reported that LED Illumination Direct opens its one-of-a-kind, green showroom in the Waco area. This 2,500-square-foot showroom hosts LED Illumination Direct’s 200 different varieties of LED products. LED Illumination Direct’s showroom demonst...

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Green Mountain Power Plans to Go LED
Feb 21,2010

As we all know that new lights that save energy and lower emissions might be coming soon to a street near you. Green Mountain Power plans to replace worn-out street lights throughout its service area with energy-efficient, long-lasting LEDs. The L...

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PITTSBURGH Considers LED Streetlights
Jan 19,2010

It was said from a new study that Pittsburgh needs to replace 40,000 streetlights, and officials have the option of installing LED lights. According to officials, this would be a big expense now, but could mean big savings later. The city has a...

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Decorating a Green New Year
Jan 14,2010

The New Year holidays are just around the bend! For all you holiday planners with decorating on the brain, make sure to light up your holiday nights this year with the greenest lights available - LEDS. If you made the switch from traditional energ...

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LED light Prices Dropped
Oct 29,2009

Since prices dropped by half, LED lights are selling like hot cakes this year. The surge in demand for the new generation of light bulbs has quickly emptied store shelves, prompting more manufacturers to jump into the market. LED lights first a...

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