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Automotive LED lighting: Getting the system right for optimum lighting and reliability
Oct 15,2013

LEDs are taking over the majority of the lighting roles in the state-of-the-art auto offering both better lighting performance and consuming less power, thereby also extending fuel economy. Still successfully deploying LEDs in headlamps, signal light...

Packaged LED discussion provides rousing start at The LED Show (MAGAZINE)
Nov 30,2013

The LED Show got off to a quick start on August 14, with the first session asking the question, "Can LEDs really continue to improve at the rate they are now?" Ultimately the speakers from Philips Lumileds, Nichia, and Cree focused more on how to mee...

Cost-reduced AlN delivers thermals needed in HB LED packages (MAGAZINE)
Oct 20,2013

Excess heat leads to a whole range of performance and reliability issues for high-power semiconductor applications such as high-brightness LEDs (HB LEDs). The need for maximum heat extraction from the LED junctions has led to the use of aluminum nitr...

Energy Efficiency Financing scheme lights up the path to green savings
Apr 03,2013

Lighting can represent a significant proportion of energy consumed in non-domestic buildings, typically accounting for 20% to 55% of the total electricity consumption on a commercial site. Each year in the UK, non-domestic lighting is responsible for...

Understand color science to maximize success with LEDs
Mar 10,2013

+++++ This article was published in the February 2013 issue of LEDs Magazine. View the Table of Contents and download the PDF file of the complete February 2013 issue, or view the E-zine version in your browser. +++++ Much of the technical focus on L...

Varying approaches to LED retrofit lamps show no limit
Mar 07,2013

LED-based retrofit lamps remain the most popular topic in the solid-state lighting (SSL) industry, despite the fact that a form factor such as the A-lamp does little to support the inherent advantages of LED sources. Still, the huge number of retrofi...

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LED manufacturing investment will decline in 2013, says SEMI
Mar 02,2013

Spending on LED fab manufacturing equipment will decline 9.2 percent in 2013 as the industry faces weak long-term demand and consolidates manufacturing capacity. According to the LED/Opto Fab Forecast produced by SEMI, a global industry association,...

Examine all options for driving LED-based retrofit tubes (MAGAZINE)
Feb 10,2013

+++++ This article was published in the November/December 2012 issue of LEDs Magazine. View the Table of Contents and download the PDF file of the complete November/December 2012 issue, or view the E-zine version in your browser. +++++ We are on the ...

LED market spurs changes in the professional lighting industry in Europe
Feb 08,2013

+++++ This article was published in the November/December 2012 issue of LEDs Magazine. View the Table of Contents and download the PDF file of the complete November/December 2012 issue, or view the E-zine version in your browser. +++++ The European p...

LED driver IC sales in future
Jun 30,2011

LED driver IC sales will reach nearly $3.5 billion in 2015 from nearly $2 billion in 2010, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12%, according to Mountain View, CA-based market research firm Strategies Unlimited. These are among the findings in...

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The Main Challenge of LED Industry
Feb 21,2010

In last article, we talk about that there’s a consensus that most of those barriers. They should be removed in the next 2-3 years. Impressive energy efficiency progress are announced on a regular basis by LED manufacturers and reliability is improvin...

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Fantastic Motion Sensing LED Light
Jan 19,2010

There are times when it’d make life a lot easier if lights would just come on.  Be it because you usually have your hands full in that area or any other reason, it’d just be nice.  Now this little motion sensor won’t turn on all the lights in the roo...

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LED Makers Promise to Shake up Global Market
Jan 19,2010

LEDs, once confined to the tiny red indicator lights on TV remote controls, have now grown to illuminate TV screens themselves and promise to shake up the global lighting market. LED (light emitting diode) backlit TVs were heavily featured at the ...

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Rockler Recalled LED light kits
Jan 15,2010

Legal news for product liability attorneys. A voluntary recall of LED light kits was announced after discovery of defective wiring. CPSC alerts product liability lawyers- Rockler Companies Inc. announced voluntary recall of LED light kits. Wash...

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Nanosys Do Efforts to Improve LEDs
Jan 14,2010

As we all know that in this struggling economy, businesses as well as the general populace are all struggling to do more with less. In the case of LED and nanotechnology, however, that may not be necessarily a bad thing. Take for example the work ...

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The Advantages of LED Lights
Sep 22,2009

As we all know that the future of energy efficient lighting is LED. Not only are LED's environmentally friendly, the light represents a true white light. A recent press release printed in the Village News on ways to cut energy expenditures missed the...

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Comparing Xenon Lights and LED Light
Sep 22,2009

An updated study has been published by Limited, developer of thin-form supercapacitors that compare flash solutions for camera phones -- xenon, standard LEDs powered by a battery, and high-current LEDs powered by a supercapacitor using the company's ...

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Fascinating New Generation OLEDs
Sep 22,2009

With their minuscule energy consumption and 20-year life expectancy, LED light bulbs have grabbed the consumer’s imagination. But an even newer technology is intriguing the world’s lighting designers: OLEDs, or organic light-emitting diodes, creat...

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LED Lights Show Great Promise
Sep 22,2009

As we all know that LED technology shows great promise in lighting the way for Tech to a more economic and environmentally-friendly direction. Facilities faculty has completed several lighting renovations already on campus, including converting al...

Tags:LED Light,LED Technology,Environmentally-friendly
Ultrathin Inorganic LEDs
Aug 25,2009

There is now a new process under development to create ultrathin, ultrasmall inorganic light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and assembling them into large arrays, which offers new classes of lighting and display systems with interesting properties. Applic...

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