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All in One LED Solar Street Light

All in One LED Solar Street Light
Price: US $ 280/Piece
Trade Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF
Min Order: 1/Piece
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All in one LED solar street light

The design of the all in one solar street light comes from the inspiration and power of the universe, combined the best energy saving parts---solar panel, led lamp and special battery. With the help of the controller and PIR sensor, it realizes the functions of high brightness with low energy, long lifespan and free maintenance. At the same time, it is very convenient to ship and install. It is one of the best patent products of our company.

Light source18W20W25W30W40W60W
Solar panel40W(Mono)50W(Mono)50W(Mono)60W(Mono)60W(Mono)80W(Mono)
Net weight10.55KG15.10KG15.45KG15.75KG16.10KG19.55KG
Light efficiency
LuminousFull load2340lm2600lm3250lm3900lm5200lm7800lm
Less load780lm860lm1100lm1300lm1700lm2600lm
Visual angle120°120°120°120°120°120°
Color temperature6000k-6500k6000k-6500k6000k-6500k6000k-6500k6000k-6500k6000k-6500k
Work timeFull power≥10Hr≥10Hr≥10Hr≥10Hr≥10Hr≥10Hr
Saving mode≥20Hr≥20Hr≥20Hr≥20Hr≥20Hr≥20Hr
Ambient temperature
Work temperaturecharging:0°C~+60°C  discharging :-20°C~+60°C   storage:0°C~+45°C
Install height5~6m5~6m5~6m6-7m6-7m7-8m
Light space18~20m8~20m18~20m20~25m20~25m25-30m

    1 All aluminum housing for the heat dissipating, greatly extending the life span of lighting source.
    2 Free of dust and water, suitable for outdoor.
    3 Processed by painting treatment and anodic oxidation, solid and corrosion resisting. 
 4 Waterproof: IP65  

Applied to high way, main road, minor road, city streets, pavement, squares, schools, parks, yards, residential areas, factories, oil fields, oil refineries, power plants, gas stations, and other places where light is needed.
The light can be used at ease in the following places:
a.       Places where ambient temperature is between -40 and 40
b.       Places below 2000m high
c.        Places where relative humidity is less than 90% (at 25)

2. Characteristics of Product
(1) High efficient LED module is adopted as light source and most advanced electrical technology is applied. This enables low power consumption, efficient light-emitting and instant lighting at the same time. 
(2) The light has unique structure; simple and compact but ideal for heat diffusion (patented), tight enough for sealing (waterproof and dust prevention of IP65) and tough against shocks and corrosions. This assures long service life of the light. 
(3) By unique optical design, light irradiation range is wide and illumination intensity is high.
(4) There are various mounting options and mounting is very easy. 

4. How to mount and use
(1) Fix with 60mm pole. 
 (2) After having fixed the light, connect cable of the light with cable from AC power source. 0.5m long triple core cable of 10mm diameter is equipped with the light. There are triple core lines in the cable of the light and markings on the lines, indicating live line (L), neutral line (N) and ground line (E). Connect each line rightly with line in the cable from the AC power source, respectively. 
(3) Switch on the light. It will shine instantly.   
5. Attentions
(1) Before mounting and use of the light, read through this Instructions and check whether voltage of power source conforms to that required for the light. If not, it may cause breakdown of the light .
(2) Make surface of the light case and lens clean to ensure light transmittance and heat diffusion.
(3) Be careful not to have the light case contacted to hard materials in order to avoid scratches.
(4) Do not let amateur mount the light.
(5) Never neglect to ground the light. It is important to ensure security of power source and protection from lightening surge of the light. 
(6) Ambient temperature for the light should be in the range from -50 to 40. When it exceeds 40, make forceful ventilation to accelerate heat diffusion.
(7) Repairs and maintenance
i)      Check periodically elasticity of sealing materials. In case they lose elasticity due to aging, replace them with those of exactly same specifications (both size and hardness). Alternative materials may not be used. 
ii)     Conduct periodically insulation resistance test with 500V Megger so that insulation resistance does not get lower than 2MΩ. 
iii)    In maintenance work, take care of the surface of flameproof enclosures. As the surface may not have damages and corrosion, it was coated with rust-proof oil 204-1 in assembly. Do not soil the surface or damage the sealed part. 
(8) Safety cautions
In all repairs, maintenance and other works, it is required to cut off power before the works. The following are tips and directions for all in one solar street light, please pay attention.
"All in One solar street light" could not work without sunshine, please select the suitable model according to the local sunshine radiation and the annual total radiation.We suggest use the both AC and DC charging model in those places where lack of sunshine or have long-time rainy days.
"All in One solar street light" adopts the long life Lithium battery for storing energy, charging temperature at day time is between:  0°C~+60°C,when temperature goes lower than 0°C ,the control system will stop automatically to protect the battery, and it will revive to charge the battery while temperature goes higher than 0°C. Discharging temperature at night is between: -20°C~+60°C, any ambient beyond will take damage to the battery. So please check these factors while selecting the street light.
Battery of the "All in One solar street light" can be stored for 6 months long after fully charged. Therefore please examine and charge it periodically after long time transportation or storage to prevent damaging.
When install the lights in Northern Hemisphere, please adjust the solar panel to the South as much as possible to collect maximum sunshine radiation, while install them in Southern Hemisphere, By the same token, keep solar panel to north. At the same time please keep it away from any shadow of houses, trees etc.
Keep clear of the surface of the All in One solar street light with normal detergent to get maximum power generation, clear the dust or tree leaves or any grease.
All in one solar street light have got the standard of IP65.The vents on the surface is designed for radiating.The materials are made of aluminum alloy which can survive in the environment of seaside and desert.
The knob of the fuse is at the left rear end of the light, please insert the fuse while using.By the way,there is one piece of fuse more as backup.(If not fuse,then it is switch,just turn on the switch)

Installing Directions:
To place the light pole into the best spot with good day lighting . The light pole should be the length 5-7m, the thickness 2.0mm with material iron or steel, the diameter 80-110mm.
Please check if the components are all here when open the packing, the components are show below.
Unfold the knob of fuse(see below) and check if the fuse works or not, then tighten.(If not fuse,then it is switch,just turn on the switch)
Place the lamp on the pole by its sleeve,and make sure it is steady,then it is OK.

We have right to improve the structure of our products without any special notice. If there is anything  different from data here, please follow what it is.
We guarantee that we have done what we can to improve the contents of the instruction, so we will not assume any loss of this.
Prod Model: WSL01
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
Name: Solar Street Light
Category: Solar LED Street Light
Lighting Source: COB LED
Power Consumption: 200W
Beam Angle: 120
Power Factor: 0.9
Corrosion-Proof Grade: Wf1
Installation Height: 10~15m
Dimension: 340X400X121mm
Weight: 6kg
Power Supply: AC
Color Temperature: Pure White
Lamp Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Power: 30w
Application: Garden
IP Rating: IP65
Certification: VDE
Input Voltage: 110v
With Light Source: With Light Source
LED Chips Brand: CREE
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Pls kindly check some NIBBE facts as following:

1 NIBBE is one of the largest and leading Explosion-proof Lighting factory in China.

2 Most NIBBE products use high quality Bridgelux COB LED, CREE high power LED light source and MOSO/Mean Well driver.

3 NIBBE has the highest standard and its products can meet Ex d II C T6 GB, Ex d I MB, Class 1, Division 2. C1, D1 and I are under development

4 NIBBE has a wide product range and covers all main kinds of explosion proof lights and is ideal for one-stop sourcing.

5 NIBBE has over 10 global patents.

6 NIBBE factory has been certified with ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2014 system

7 NIBBE is the first Chinese factory with main international approvals, including ATEX, cLCus(UL and CSA standards), GOST, CNEX, MA, CE, RoHS, etc. IEC EX is pending.

8 NIBBE products have 3-5 years warranty.

9 NIBBE is the key supplier of big oil enterprises, such as Conoco Phillips, Chevron, SINOPEC, CNPC, CNOOC, etc.

10 NIBBE has rich oversea experience and has exported to over 50 countries for 5 yrs.

11 NIBBE is one hour drive from Hong Kong and very easy to visit.

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