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Lighting Science Develops LED Lighting System for Astronauts

Mar 14,2013

Lighting Science Group Corporation, or not? Has been contracted by Bionetics Corporation, a leader in space technology to assist in the development of LED lighting solutions for the International Space Station (ISS).

Boeing, the primary contractor for the NASA ISS program with Bionetics Corporation in order to develop a lighting system that will align with circadian flight crew while in residence on the International Space Station.

With the presence of around 24 hours on the sun from space today by the International Space Station to resolve the to queue to the nature of their bodies Bionetics Corporation turned to innovative optical science to aid in the design of the system. Advanced LED light that can achieve these results.

Lighting Science or not? Research and innovation team is to assist in the development of the power system to be used by astronauts in the circadian rhythm and sync their services 24 hours each day. The team is working on a project of NASA's requirements for lighting systems that have a certain color temperature (CCT) and the color (CRI) in different time periods during the day.



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