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Home Depot‘s Electricians Encourage Customers to Adopt LED

Apr 12,2013

As incandescent bulbs will disappear in the future? Home Depot is? electricians are letting everyone adjust tendency.

Electrician by Steve Benz, they are investing in energy-efficient clinic only educating customers about the benefits of fluorescent to incandescent and new products, LED. Fluorescent and LED bulbs can last 10 to 40 years. This is much more than the average 6 month old with incandescent bulbs. "When these incandescent bulbs gradually in the next year or so we will see prices down as much as LED and fluorescent" said Benz Lighting experts say that by 2014 up to his lights to incandescent bulbs ..

In his opinion, the 100-watt incandescent bulbs will no longer be sold in August, and all sales of incandescent bulbs will be gradually abolished. However, he says it was a difficult transition for people trying to see the light and try new bulbs.

But many people clarify their questions about fluorescents and LEDs are used when available information booth this Saturday.

Energy-efficient clinics will continue every Saturday in January at 10 am.And because spreading the word, electricians say they hope the light bulb light bulbs, people will start to shine the way to energy-efficient future.

Electricians say fluorescent bulbs are now as cheap as regular bulbs. LED light bulbs are still expensive, about $ 25 a piece.



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