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Fortified Bicycle Alliance Launches Anti-theft LED Bike Lights

Oct 30,2013

Fortified Bicycle Alliance founded by 10 MIT students recently launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter for their latest anti-theft LED bike lights Aviator Front Light and Afterburner Rear Light. The new lights are available in four different lumen models of 30, 60,150 and 300 lumens. Please click here for video.

Fortified Bicycle Alliance's Aviator and Afterburner products. (Photo Courtesy of Kickstarter)

The Aviator Front Light and Afterburner Rear Light come in 30 lumens, 60 lumens, 150 lumens and 300 lumens models. The four models all use lithium ion USB rechargeable battery, and share the same product dimensions and weight of 128 grams, 8.2cm x 5.3cm x 6.0 cm. The only difference between the models is runtime and seatpost sizes. The 30 and 60 lumen models can run for 200 hours without recharge, and have a seat post size of 25.4 mm-31.8 mm, while the higher lumen models, 150 lumens and 300 lumen runtime is about 40 hours.?

Fortified Bicycle Alliance's Aviator.(Photo Courtesy of Kickstarter)Comparison between 30 lumen and 60 lumen Afterburner.(Photo Courtesy of Kickstarter)

According to Kickstarter, the MIT bike geeks began making LED bike lights when a friend’s bike light was stolen and hit by a car. Their first theft-resistant LED light defender launched back in 2012 sold over 5,000 units internationally and has reported a theft rate of 0.5%. The maker of indestructible, theft resistant LED bike lights also offers a free refund to customers, whose bike lights were stolen.

Fortified Bicycle Alliance Afterburner installed on seatpost. (Photo courtesy of Kickstarter)

As their second fundraising campaign since their first theft-resistant LED light Defender, the campaign has raised an impressive US$ 94,581 which is about four folds of their original pledge of US$ 24,000. There are 27 days to go before the company closes its fundraising campaign.



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