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LG's new smart products will unite devices in the home
Sep 10,2014

LG got the ball rolling at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show with a promise to “touch the smart life” with an innovative range of new products for the entire home. LG’s focus will be on offering customers real connectivity in the home ...

Automotive LED lighting: Getting the system right for optimum lighting and reliability
Oct 15,2013

LEDs are taking over the majority of the lighting roles in the state-of-the-art auto offering both better lighting performance and consuming less power, thereby also extending fuel economy. Still successfully deploying LEDs in headlamps, signal light...

LED Lighting of Philips  Helps half of Paris Metro Energy Use
Mar 21,2013

Royal Philips Electronics was awarded multi-year contract in partnership with the French professional lighting company Passage to illuminate the metro system in Paris with LED lighting solutions. The switch to LEDs will reduce the energy nee...

Packaged LED discussion provides rousing start at The LED Show (MAGAZINE)
Nov 30,2013

The LED Show got off to a quick start on August 14, with the first session asking the question, "Can LEDs really continue to improve at the rate they are now?" Ultimately the speakers from Philips Lumileds, Nichia, and Cree focused more on how to mee...

Kogan unveils limited edition Essendon branded LED TV
Nov 05,2013

Essendon might be in the headlines for the wrong reasons at the moment but fans can celebrate with the news of a limited edition Bombers branded Kogan TV. The AFL football club is at the centre of an alleged doping scandal so the team’s fans haven’t ...

Fortified Bicycle Alliance Launches Anti-theft LED Bike Lights
Oct 30,2013

Fortified Bicycle Alliance founded by 10 MIT students recently launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter for their latest anti-theft LED bike lights Aviator Front Light and Afterburner Rear Light. The new lights are available in four different l...

Cost-reduced AlN delivers thermals needed in HB LED packages (MAGAZINE)
Oct 20,2013

Excess heat leads to a whole range of performance and reliability issues for high-power semiconductor applications such as high-brightness LEDs (HB LEDs). The need for maximum heat extraction from the LED junctions has led to the use of aluminum nitr...

Philips Supplies Solar LED Home Lighting in South Africa ...
Oct 05,2013

Recently, Philips has supplied? 30 sustainable cooking stoves and 200 solar-driven LED home lighting for 200 households across the South African Ilembe district , to improve the lives of people living in rural communities.According to Philips ,the ho...

LEDs and the Future of Light
Sep 30,2013

GE Lighting recently published in a blog entry Gary Allen, Principal Engineer and Physicist at GE Lighting’s views on future LED lighting trends. Though the upfront costs are currently high, the future of LED light bulbs is bright. Gary Allen of GE L...

Samsung springs IFA surprise with ultra high definition OLED TV
Sep 30,2013

Just when you thought televisions couldn’t possibly get any better, Samsung sprung a surprise at the IFA tradeshow in Berlin with an Ultra High Definition OLED TV. Samsung has recently released its first OLED TV – an elegant 55-inch curved display th...

Samsung Redefines Home Entertainment with Global Availability
Jul 27,2013

First available offerings include LED TVs, Blu-ray Players and 3D Active Glasses First-Ever Release of Most Successful Animated Film Series of All Time in 3D From DreamWorks AnimationSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a market leader and award-winning in...

CRIUS FOREPI orders AIXTRON II-L application Production Systems
Jun 17,2013

AIXTRON SE announced that during the third quarter of 2012, long-term customers Formosa epitaxy Inc. (FOREPI), Taiwan new order for multiple the Aries II-L MOCVD production systems in a 69x2 inch configuration. Each system will be used for building u...

Home Depot Holds Light Bulb Classes to Spread LED_LEDinside ...
Jun 05,2013

As the incandescent will gradually fade out from lighting stage, Home Depot is ready to help people to adapt this change.All Home Depot stores are hosting how-to workshops the next two Saturdays at 10 a.m. to teach people about fluorescent and LED li...

Introducing Philips hue: the world's smartest LED bulb, marking ...
May 07,2013

Enables you to control light wirelessly, create and personalize light with an app on your smartphone or tabletBuilding on its innovation capabilities, today Philips unveils hue, the world’s smartest web-enabled LED home lighting system. Philips hue s...

Home Depot Recalls LED holiday lights Because of Low
May 01,2013

Based on low quality of all holiday LED light strings sold between Oct. 1 and Nov. 18, 2010, Home Depot has declared a voluntary recall.Considering these Christmas lights do not meet the quality standards set for the firm's product lines, including t...

Home Depot‘s Electricians Encourage Customers to Adopt LED
Apr 12,2013

As incandescent bulbs will disappear in the future? Home Depot is? electricians are letting everyone adjust tendency. Electrician by Steve Benz, they are investing in energy-efficient clinic only educating customers about the benefits of fluorescent ...

Energy Efficiency Financing scheme lights up the path to green savings
Apr 03,2013

Lighting can represent a significant proportion of energy consumed in non-domestic buildings, typically accounting for 20% to 55% of the total electricity consumption on a commercial site. Each year in the UK, non-domestic lighting is responsible for...

The Stylish LED Shower Doors Make You Enjoy Home Spa
Mar 27,2013

The Cromobox LED shower door is an innovative evolution of Antonio Lupi’s amazing decorative shower doors design. It is designed to change colors across a spectrum in order to promote relaxation. The Cromobox LED shower features a full spectrum of co...

GE Lighting Illuminates Malaysia’s MASkargo Advance Cargo Centrewith its Energy-Efficient Solution
Mar 24,2013

New GE Lights Result in Yearly Savings of US$300,000GE Lighting has replaced1,470 sets of halide lamps at Malaysia’sMASkargo Advance Cargo Centre with its Hi-Beam T5 High Bay system using GE’s technologically advanced system, a solution tailored for ...

Lighting Science  Develops LED Lighting System for Astronauts
Mar 14,2013

Lighting Science Group Corporation, or not? Has been contracted by Bionetics Corporation, a leader in space technology to assist in the development of LED lighting solutions for the International Space Station (ISS). Boeing, the primary contractor fo...

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