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864W High Power Plant LED Grow Light for Plant

864W High Power Plant LED Grow Light for Plant
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864W High Power Plant LED Grow Light for Plant

Do you have an indoor garden?
Do you own a greenhouse.
Are you facing challenges in lighting your plants?
Then LED Grow Lights are just what you are looking for.
Read on.

What is Grow Light?
The name itself symbolizes that these are artificial lights which are especially designed for uninterrupted growth and nurturing of the plants in the absence or scarcity of sunlight.
These lights either produce full spectrum light as in sunlight, or produce a particular range of light, suited to their market-for starting seeds, indoor plants and greenhouses, flowering and vegetative plants, or for all phases of plant's life.

The importance of the light.
Do you need light for your growth? The answer is definitely yes.

Whether its humans, plants, or animals, we all need light, read sunlight, for our growth; Especially plants, which depend solely on sunlight for their survival. May it be chilly winters or cloudy monsoons, the available sunlight is not enough for the plants requirements. With the advent in the fields of science and technology, these barriers to the growth of plants have been overcome withthe invention of Grow Lights.

Why this light so important to your plants?
Plants need sunlight to carry out a process known as photosynthesis-the process of conversion of carbon-dioxide into compounds, by utilizing the energy for sunlight. In the absence or in the scarcity of light, plants can't synthesize their food, and can't flourish as desired.
Let us now quickly understand about the colors which make up the sunlight. The sunlight is made up various colors which have its own wavelength. For example, the wavelength of blue light lies in the range of 490-450 nm while the red-orange range has the wavelength of 700-570 nm.

How many types are available?
1. Fluorescent grow light (× )
2. Metal Halide grow light(× )
3. High-Pressure Sodium grow light(× )
4. Incandescent grow light(× )
5. LED grow light(√ )

LED Grow lights, read light emitting diodes, the equipment consists of many small optical diodes that emit light. Owing to this construction of LEDs, the equipment can be manufactured to emit any range of light required, i. E., they produce concentrated wavelengths, for example, either blue light or red light, or even a combination of both.

LEDs produce less heat and thereby reducing the transpiration of plants- you don't have to worry about frequent watering of plants. Moreover, LEDs are ideal for plants requiring more humidity.

LEDs do not require ballasts, and have a shelf life of around 25, 000 hours approximately, much more than its other counterparts.

You can use LED Grow Lights as described below:

By emitting the specific wavelength of the spectrum required by your plant
As a supplement light during freezing winters when days are short
On the contrary to the above, to elongate the day to trigger growth and flowering.

Model No.: PF-3X-864W
LED Quantity: 288pcs 3w LED
Power consumption: 650-700w
Input Voltage: AC90-264V
Color ratio: R: R: B: W=144: 72: 48: 24
Lifespan: 50, 000hrs
Product dimension: 25*10.5*3.15in(638*268*80mm)
LED chip Brand: Bridgelux /Epivalley /EPILED
Net weight: 11.4kg
Gross weight: 13.5kg

Please feel free to contact us, we are waiting for you.
Model PF-3X-288W PF-3X-576W PF-3X-864W PF-3X-1152W PF-3X-1440W
LED 96(pcs)*3W 192(pcs)*3W 288(pcs)*3W 384(pcs)*3W 480(pcs)*3W
Input voltage AC90-264V AC90-264V AC90-264V AC90-264V AC90-264V
Power 288W 576W 864W 1152W 1440W
Product dimension ( mm ) 238*268*80 438*268*80 638*268*80 838*268*80 1038*268*80
Package dimension ( mm ) 300*355*150 525*300*155 720*330*150 920*330*150 1130*330*150
Color ratio R:R:B:W=48:24:16:8 R:R:B:W=96:48:32:16 R:R:B:W=144:72:48:24 R:R:B:W=192:96:64:32 R:R:B:W=240:120:80:40
Net weight(kg) 3.8 7.6 11.4 15.2 19
Gross weight(kg) 4.5 9 13.5 18 23
Installation hang rope installation hang rope installation hang rope installation hang rope installation hang rope installation
Power type aluminum constant-current power supply aluminum constant-current power supply aluminum constant-current power supply aluminum constant-current power supply aluminum constant-current power supply

Prod Model: PF-3X-864W
Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
LED Type: Bridglux/CREE/Epistar/Osram
Product Dimension(Mm): 638*268*80
Color Ratio: R:R:B:W=144:72:48:24
Power Type: Aluminum Constant-Current Power Supply
Life: 50000h
IP Rating: IP50
Application: Tree
LED Chips: Bridgelux
Warranty: 2 Years
Certification: SAA
Shape: Square
Emitting Color: Red and Blue and White
Housing Material: Aluminum
Power: 864W
Input Voltage: AC90-264V
Shenzhen Jiansen technology limited company was established in 2010, located in Mabian industrial Park, 72 area, Baoan District, Shenzhen, we moved to Yushan industry Area in 2014, Juson is the leading LED manufacturer with high and new technology, combined development, production, sales and service in-all.

We insist on thinking, creative, breakthrough & superior culture, aim to meet the brand concept of ecomagination, global sharing; With independent research and development of light source encapsulation technology and application technology, we own strong R&D and production team, imported the advanced production equipment and technique in the world.

We adhering to "specified product, reliable quality, stable supply, considerate service" company policy, gained trust and support from old & new customer from all the world many years, our product is very popular in Europe, the United States, Canada, the Middle East and other parts of the world. We believe that we will grow into international photoelectric enterprise through continuous technology innovation and service improvement.

Juson By now divide into 4 part.

1. LED chip dept.

2. LED chip packaging dept.

3. LED power supply dept.

4. LED lighting dept.

We sell our own products, our LEDs already reached the international standards. (Eg: New technology, 0.2W LEDs reach 60-70 luminous)

We start to produce the finished products in 2013, and we produce depends on our own technology, we provide LEDs, LED driver(LED power supply) for our finished products.

We enter the international market in 2013, our main products include the unique design LED aquarium light and LED grow light(smart products), and we have some new products launched in 2015, the LED bulb, LED strip light, LED downlight, and LED track light are in hot sell.

A strong engineering team could provide different LED light for customers requriemnts.

We are OEM(original equipment manufacturer) ODM(original design manufacturer)

We look forward to cooperate with you.

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